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Hovawarts make truly awesome companions for owners who educate themselves prior to choosing this breed.To those within their circle hovawarts are loving, mischievious, devoted, cheerful and involved companions; to outsiders they can be distrustful and defensive. Hovawarts are clever, confident, think independently, have a natural guarding instinct and can be very territorial. Training is a must with this breed of dog... they require your time, consistency, love and patience. If you have questions about hovawart temperaments or training, contact a breeder or hovawart club to find out if a hovawart is the right choice for you.

These videos show hovawarts participating in various types of training, sports and even house cleaning... what I wouldn't give for a dog that could dust and vacuum ;)


Menta at 3 Months

This is a great video that shows how to train with a young puppy in a fun and positive manner.

Starring Pusztai-Pandur Menta



Batanco and Akawa: Feeding, Break and Clicker

I really like this video because it breaks down training into simple steps that are easy to follow. Notice the engagement each dog has with the trainer.

Starring Batanco Neskrotna vasen and Akawa Ebritte



Hovawart As A House Keeper

I love this video, it's brilliant and always makes me smile : )



Starring Blondy-Kim Hovi-Raj



Agility with Pimu
(Hovarontin Amsterdam)





Protection Training

Starring the dogs of Pusztai-Pandur Kennel



Agility with Chito
Kennel Van Het Kyllotsbos