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Do we have puppies for sale?

(nope... but I hope you'll read this page anyway

Hovawart breed clubs exist to insure that the parents of your puppy passed health, temperament and conformation tests before they were allowed to breed. We are not breeders... this site was created soley out of our love for hovawarts and our desire to promote this wonderful breed. With that said, if you are thinking of importing a hovawart puppy into the USA or purchasing a puppy in North America it would be our advice to contact a hovawart breed club in advance. Breed clubs have the ability to evaluate prospective litters for health, conformation, temperament and breeding suitability worldwide via the International Hovawart Federation (IHF) database which maintains records on over 90,000 dogs. If you have decided to import it is especially important to choose a breeder that is a member of a reputable breed club in Europe and to make sure that the dog's registration can be recognized in North America. Breed clubs promote responsible, ethical breeding of hovawarts and their only concern is the betterment of the breed.


Please note: None of the puppies on this website are for sale

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hovawart_puppy_finland hovawart black hovawart puppy
Hayaklause Oliver, Finland
Bohemia Lischin Kennel, Czech Republic
HoviHugz Kennel "A" Litter, New York

Yarha' Hovawart Kennel, "A" Litter, Canada

hovawart hovawart puppies
Tralfazz Kennel, Slovakia
Van Laag Laren Kennel, "B" Litter, Netherlands

hovawart puppies hovawart slovakia hovawart
Aldeon Kennel, "L" Litter, Slovakia Saint Barbarons Kennel, Slovakia Pustai Pandur Kennel, "O" Litter, Hungary


hovawart belgium hovawart russia hovawart Oregon New York
Belladantes Kennel, "O" Litter, Belgium Hof Garc Kennel, "E" Litter, Russia Bohaemic Kennel "A" Litter, CZ

Abonito Kennel, "B" Litter, Czech Republic (photo courtesy Nicola Wendelinova)