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Missy is our farm dog extraordinaire... not because of any training done with her on our part but because of her ancestry and breeding. She is my loyal companion, the protector of our acreage, the guardian of our livestock and a dedicated nursemaid to the young and orphaned.








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Missy was imported from the Czech Republic in the spring of 2014 from the Bohaemic Kennel in Prague. What an adventure and life changing experience that has turned out to be. We have since become good friends with her breeders, they have visited us, we have traveled to Prague to visit them and additionally we have made wonderful hovawart friends from all over the world. Missy's siblings live in New York, California, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

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Family Tree

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Missy's sire:
Batanco Neskrotna vasen
  Missy's dam:
Heila vom Julienhof
Czech Republic


black hovawart Ashita Mista Jazwin hovawart germany vom julienhof hovawart
Batanco's sire:
Sven Gasko Prim
Czech Republic
Batanco's dam:
Ashita Mista Jaswin

Heila's sire:
Cliff vom Wildblumenland

Heila's dam:
Estrelle vom Pfarrhof