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Facebook Hovawarts International

Hovawart International Facebook page for Hovawart lovers everywhere; photos, camaraderie, chat... the perfect place to meet hovawart enthusiasts from all over the world.

Hovawart puppies for sale

Working Dog is a wonderful resource for researching pedigrees, health information and titles. Loads of photos, it's a great place to connect with hovawart breeders from around the globe.


Kenzo the Hovawart

Kenzo the Hovawart awesome website which provides much needed information about this rare breed. You'll find engaging stories, helpful research and hovawart history among his articles and blog.

hovawart breeders

HoviHugz Hovawarts are breeders located in New York and are the home of Missy's full brother, Alcron Bohaemic (Zeus).



The International Hovawart Federation
is located in Germany and is the governing body for member Hovawart clubs worldwide.




Fédération Cynologique Internationale
FCI is the world's largest canine organization and its purpose is to keep breed standards and related records for national kennel clubs worldwide.