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Hovawarts... quite possibly
the greatest dogs you've never heard of

hovawart dog
Handsome, robust, protective, kind, loyal, confident, smart, independent, jovial, intuitive, brave... where have they been hiding, these mysterious farm dogs of a bygone age?

Possessing some of the oldest genetics of the ancient dogs still in existence today, the German hovawart belongs to an Farmers of old depended upon the courageous hovawart to protect their families, property and livestock; hovawarts and dogs like them were a necessity to their very way of life.ancestry that has been chronicled in literature as far back as the 1200's. For centuries they really were not a breed so much as a type, and this type originated in and around the farms of the Harz Mountain district of Germany. The word "hovawart" stems from German and translates to "guardian of the farm" or "yard watchman"; these were not herding dogs, they were guardians and that was their original purpose.

As the modern world advanced, the need for dogs such as these declined. By the end of the last century the hovawart Hovawarts love to play and can be charming clowns, but beneath their affable nature beats the heart of a true guardian... they can be ferocious protectors of who and what they deem their own.had all but become extinct. Diminished but not forgotten, a concerted effort was waged in Germany during the early part of the 20th century to revive and preserve this arcane breed for posterity. What we know about this effort is that the hovawart was revived by using the best examples of the original farm dogs as could be found and by adding breeds that would preserve the original character and physical appearance of the hovawart. It is generally accepted that the Newfoundland, German Shepherd Dog, Kuvasz and Leonberger were among those crossbred with the hovawart to create the breed as we know it today, although this list is not inclusive. The hovawart was officially recognized as a breed by the German Kennel Club in 1937 and the Federation Internationale Cynologique (FCI) in 1948. Though they are still rare, especially in the USA and Canada, enthusiasts worldwide are diligently working to perpetuate and safeguard this fascinating breed.

Hovawarts make excellent family dogs as they are loving, loyal and totally devoted to their people... however they should not be mistaken for the easy-going retriever/hunting type dogs with which they share a resemblance. Hovawarts are independently discerning and can be willful and dominant towards other dogs and are frequently wary of strangers; they require responsible owners dedicated to their training and socialization. They are bred to be independent, fearless, reliable and intelligent companions suited for a variety of work such as IPO (Schutzhund), tracking, agility, obedience, search and rescue... and of course they make exceptional farm dogs!



Heila vom Julienhof, hovawart bitchHEILA VOM JULIENHOF
Missy's dam, Bohaemic CZ

Missy's sire, Slovakia.

photo of Sven Gasko Prim hovawart sireSVEN GASKO PRIM
Missy's grandsire, Bohaemic, CZ

hovawart puppies GRANDPA SVEN, HEILA & MISSY

Missy's nephew, from
Hovihugz Hovawarts, New York