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hovawart pacific northwest

Baloo isn't exactly our dog, he is owned by my sister's family, but since he is Missy's nephew (and we adore him) we think he deserves his very own page.
Even though he's still just a big puppy, in true hovawart fashion Baloo is a courageous guardian of his home. And in true hovawart fashion he quickly melts into a big sweet cuddly bear once he makes your acquaintance. In fact, if you're not careful you may soon find 80+ lbs of hovawart sitting in your lap!










hovawart pedigree

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hovawart hovawart hovawart
hovawart hovawart


Family Tree

hovawart stud hovawart stud dog usa hovawart bitch hovawart female
Baloo's sire:
Alcron Bohaemic (Zeus)
Hovihugz Kennel, New York
  Baloo's dam:
Hovaheart's Astrid (Zanie)
Hovihugz Kennel, New York


hovawart ipo hovawart schutzund hovawart hovawart
Zeus's sire:
Batanco Neskrotna vasen
Zeus's dam:
Heila vom Julienhof
Czech Republic

Zanie's sire:
Dimple zur Bärenschlucht
New York

Zanie's dam:
Zahra vom Fleischereck
New York